Thursday, August 18, 2016

Are You Experiencing Ascension Symptoms?

Have you been feeling a bit dizzy currently? Does time really feel prefer it’s been flying by faster than ever? Experiencing ringing in your ears? Seeing flashes of sunshine or fleeting glimpses of things that aren’t there? In the event you’re not head-over heels in love, pregnant, or smokin’ da ganja, you could be going by way of what’s known as ascension signs. What are they, why are they taking place, what do they mean, and can they ever go away? For those who’d like answers to questions like these, the most recent installment of Layman just is perhaps the prescription you’ve been searching for.

Just like folks, our planet is evolving. And since we reside on it, whatever changes our world goes by means of, we’re going to undergo too—whether or not we’re prepared or not. Most of us are not. Due to this, we’re type of being stretched exterior of our consolation zone. This leads to what I’ve dubbed spiritual growing pains, or ascension symptoms, as they’re more commonly identified.

Back in June of 2010, I wrote about a few of the signs I’d been experiencing personally or had heard about from others (see “Layman #18: Spiritual Growing Pains” In that article, I defined ascension signs merely as, “the side effects we feel as we stretch ourselves to keep up with a spiritually evolving world.” That’s the fundamental concept, but I’d wish to broaden extra on this now as we are getting nearer to karmageddon—the moment after we see whether or not we’ve grown sufficient to deal with the new world, or still have loads of work left to do.

It seems that the last a number of years has centered around the theme of letting go and I believe that’s going to return to a head by the top of this year to make room for the new power of 2013. The quantity of discomfort that this may increasingly or might not result in is immediately proportional to how a lot you’re holding on to. But what do I mean by a theme of “letting go” and why is the whole lot coming “to a head”?

All of this could get type of complicated and esoteric so I feel it’ll help if I return to an analogy I made within the “Spiritual Rising Pains” article—comparing time to a spinning record. “Like a document, time can move at one velocity, but imagine that on this file there are strains going from the edge to the center, like slices of a pizza. Because the needle on the document will get nearer to the center, it could hit every line faster and faster.”

Within the article, I am going on to clarify that these strains signify themes in historical past, and every time the needle hits the identical line again, the same theme pops up as it applies to that time. (The theme of vanity resulted in the sinking of the Titanic, the fall of the World Commerce Center, the failing of the banks “too big to fail,” and the drilling failures of the oil trade too advanced to screw up.) “The themes are happening quicker and faster because we are getting nearer to the center of the document the place the strains start to converge. And as soon as we hit the middle, all the pieces will occur at once.”

The aim of these themes isn’t to punish us, but to assist us to develop so we can be ready for the subsequent level. Primarily based on the current themes of modesty and letting go, it would seem that in the world to return, those that are less boastful and want fewer attachments and possessions with a purpose to be blissful will fare better than those who rely on ego and materialism for their self-worth.

This future world—or document to keep the analogy going—already exists proper now. With a report, all of the music that’s recorded on it all the time exists; it’s simply that we solely hear the music that’s playing. Time is rather like this. All the pieces that’s ever happened, might occur, or will occur, already exists. However we're only experiencing the time of the present second. We are only experiencing the music because it performs. As we move to the ce

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