Wednesday, January 2, 2013

DataTreasury Corporation Licensing Secure Check Image Capture And Storage

DataTreasury Corporation is a specialist in developing, acquiring and licensing secure check image capture and storage technology, which is provided by centralized storage facilities. The company was founded by Claudio Ballard in 1998 in Melville, New York, United States. Today, the company is located in Plano, Texas, United States. Initially the company was founded for marketing technology that specializes in processing electronic checks, documents and related payment processing tools.

The two network architectural patents that were granted to the company a few years after its establishment states in details the revolutionary and the important factors of DataTreasury's systems which are used for document imaging, remote image capturing, centralized electronic storage and centralized processing. The company paid special attention to fault tolerance, superior reliability and enhanced security.

Secure remote image capture with transaction processing and centralized storage

The secure check imaging technology was invented by Claudio Ballard in 1994, but the invention was claimed by the DataTreasury patents. Ballard thought that the secure method of image storage would help the small businesses in a big way. The first imaging system named elmage Vault was licensed by the company to Bank Hapoalim of Israel.

The invention was a great way to remove the downsides of conventional imaging and transaction processing techniques. The patent portfolio has been licensed by the company to companies who understand the importance of intellectual property well and can respect it. Companies must learn more about DataTreasury's assets for benefiting.

Intellectual Property

Another thing that deserves mention when speaking about DataTreasury is its intellectual property (IP) encompassing biometric elements. The elements are formulated in such a manner that the security of all manners of transaction is enhanced. This assures the actual identity of transaction initiators.

DataTreasury is known to license its products as well as intellectual property to several companies of repute including Merrill Lynch, Diebold, NetDeposit, and Goldleaf Financial Solutions (limited license with restrictions).

Global Repository Platform

The DataTreasury Global Repository Platform (GRP) also deserves a mention. This platform showcases the state-of-the-art storehouse for housing secure storage, retrieving several kinds of restricted information, and management. The GRP is accessed by authorized people only. The GRP of DataTreasury offers security and accountability for assuring the location as well as the security of information.

It is to be noted that the GRP is a platform uniquely designed for providing support to different kinds of documents, files, image storage, retrieval based and management applications. The network architecture patents provide secure communication between the central processing facility and the remote locations. There is also a partitioning scheme that enhances the error correction procedure. The GRP's dynamic address assignment algorithm is responsible for load balancing among the servers of the system for higher utilization and rapid performance.

At present, the company has around 1000 shareholders. Defendants with access to the world's largest law firms and lobbying groups, and with huge legal budgets keep testing the company's intellectual property in courts. So, if you have a company and plan to deal with DataTreasury, make sure that you have researched well before taking any step.

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