Thursday, August 2, 2012

Why Don't Car Salesmen Have Their Own Web Site?

Seriously, how many used car salesmen or women have you talked to that ended your conversation with something like, "Thanks for stopping by. Here's my card that has my own personal web site on it with all of our inventory in it. If you find something on there you are interested in just let me know and I will personally help you out?

Now, how many Real Estate Agents do you know that DON'T have their own personal sales site? Nada! What's the difference? Brains? Work ethic? Opportunity? You tell me. gives each and every member of the sales staff the opportunity to have their own personal website in which every single deal goes directly to them. Every one! It's like your own Customer Relationship Management System.

You get their contact information. You can email them your own newsletters or birthday reminders and follow up reminders. You can make them your customer for life. And when and if you change employers, your customers go with you! How much power would this give you in negotiating with your next Dealership let alone your current one?

Of course you still will be under the dealer's thumb a little bit with their own CRM but that's their right. You work for them but you are the one that makes the relationship with the customer. They get know and like you. The dealership is just where you work.

So tell me in the comments on my site, what's holding you back from starting your own site? Does your dealer disallow it? Are you lazy? Let us know.

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